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Stomach Sculpting
Standing Abs Class

A Full Hour of abdominal exercise with over 1,000 reps of Upper Abs, Lower Abs, Obliques and Torso methods you will never expect!

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1-ON-1 Training

Go 1-on-1 with The Guru. Offered for men, women & children of all ages and fitness levels. Lose weight, gain muscle, strength and stamina, increase mobility, and obtain a better overall body.

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Set Goals

Use this application to set fitness goals and track your progress. Consult with DaShaun to help you along the way

30-Day Ab Sculpting

Download and follow these daily routines to trim and strengthen your mid section in as little as 30 days

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Fitness by the numbers. Click here to find tools that can help you calculate nutrition and training specifically for your body type


"Abs are Made in the Kitchen"
A direct quote from the Guru. Here are some nutrition tips to follow while training for optimal results